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Super Si Quebec stores over 80 stores in the Quebec Discount Supermarket chain. Saves on average 4,103 square meters (44164 square feet). Super C 8,000 products, some of the Personal Label Brand Super C, are available including some 1,200 products in mid-2006, one in all remaining 9 Ontario stores but the Food Basics Store or Lab is converted. Shop Pembroke, shutting down on Ontario, and now occupies the price of villages. super c flyer st hubert

Super C Flyer. Look at weekly super c promo, online shopping, special offers, sales and offers. See all the special offers from SuperC here next week. Browse local flyer from the comfort of your home. weekly flyers belleville

With more than 80 stores operating throughout the province of Quebec, the SuperC community makes it one of the supermarket purchases in between. Super C discount supermarket chain is known as offering low prices over a huge range of products, including national brands.

The supermarket stores the 8,000 points stored in staples, as well as the hardest items to find. Besides, in some places, alcoholic drinks, beer and wine are widely sold. In addition, most of the places include Super Western Western Union, Coinstar, or FedEx service to you.
Merit choice among the most popular private store brands is Super C and Irresistibles, which produces and sells a good selection of frozen food, food and basic food. 50% of Super C Floyer transactions, as well as specially priced items for meat from food and meat for breakfast may be included.


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