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You will find everything that is expected from the store in the metro! A good price, a good choice of products, a regular shelf and many functions are a good reason to be a good store. In addition, they are regularly paid every week. When you look at the leaflets, you can reduce the cost of the weekly magazine to the super option. Click here for more information. Have you been in the car? That this store has already been caught. This week, Metro Flyer launches new June 5, 2017 Metro Flyer Jun 5 2017: Great value and latest products can be found with many reasonable prices
Find your favorites! metro flyer ottawa rideau

Some parts of this flyer have been tested for you. I also like a list of their products. It seems to reduce prices for all products. If you have a plan to make weekly purchases, you must go to your store. Make sure you reach more than you are looking for. Let's see what products now have a discount weekly flyers online

Each page has great options, but first I want to start with my cover page. Get extra opportunities to save up to $ 12.00! On this page, my favorite product is Gatorade Sports Drinks for $ 3.99. If you buy it, you would save at least $ 3.00!
Your metro, save you!

    Badson 2 years royal canyon cheddar (100 c), $ 2.49
    Strawpine stack standard bone red grilled bone is 6.99 pounds.
    Continuous central pork pastry, reduced to $ 2.49 pounds.
    Device crusher, $ 5.99 ea
    Package of fresh Atlantic salmon, 8.99 pounds
    Black Diamond Cheese, $ 4.44 ea
    Small potatoes, fresh beer cream compact, $ 2.99
    D 'Italian Forest, Roll or Bread, $ 5.00 for $ 25

The product will be selected parts of the product and draw attention to the cheapest prices. So, your choice is very important. Instead of choosing to eat the fruits of the additive. Metro Flyer June 5, 2017: Do not forget the best earned
Bring a smile!

Fruits and vegetables that you are skittish, soft, thin or should not be broken. Fresh fruits and vegetables can always be your choice.

Page 4 and 5 super-fresh fruits or vegetables, organic products, such as feta salad, local choices, including fresh-cut floral and natural selection. Particularis, you should have organic products. Encryption, sweet peppers, tomatoes and pots are presented as part of organic matter. You can check this at the bottom right of the page.

    Tomatoes in the vineyard, $ 1.79 billion.
    Survival, $ 3.00 for 2
    Red, orange or yellow street pepper, 3.77 pounds
    Avocado, $ 3.99
    Planting extra large red or green seed, 3.99 pounds
    Dragon Fruit Pethoy, $ 2.99 ea
    Crop Cranberry Dry, $ 7.00 for 2
    Organic salted pepper, $ 3.99

It's a special and individual happiness while you are trying! They offer many cakes, croissants, cakes, cakes, chocolate bread and many of you with quite a fair price! If you do not have the time to prepare something fresh it can be a good choice to be ready and ready to be a baked product at work. In my opinion, Gourmet Strawberry Shortcuts for the best bakery of $ 23.99!