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Provigo is a retail grocery store in Quebec, Canada, composed of more than 300 stores and privileges. It is a chain chain of stores and distribution warehouses. It belongs to Loblaw Companies Limited.

The chain slogan "Si vite, si bon!" ("So fast, so good"). maxi plus flyer Find your local Provigo firm with RFD is your source for Provigo flyers in Quebec, QC. Prodigy Flayer:

In 1969, according to the Canadian and American competition, a consortium of Québec's four store stores merged its operations with cost savings and great services. One of these people was Antoine Toummel, who would become the first executive director of Provigo. Protigon was founded in 1969. Couvrette & Provost, which changed in 1970 in Provigo.

In the beginning, Provotto was the only holding company in which three food utensils - Protein, Provision and Providence were used. It was not until 1979 that the name of Provigo would become the actual shop bar, replacing the chain of Provogani. His sister, Prizibek, Online flyers was renamed AXEP in 1983. As for Provipop, it changed in the 70s to Giovin. Provigo's Provi-Soir chain of stores (1974) did not affect this rebrandings and maintained its name until the mid-1990s Couche-Tard merger.

During the year, Provigo's achievements included Les Aubaines alimentaires in 1972, Jason in 1975, Dionna in 1977, Dominière and Raymond, in 1981, A & P Montréal in 1984 and Steinberg in 1992 .


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