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Loblaw was introduced in Atlantic Canada Atlantic Wholesalers, SaveEasy through the purchase of the network owner in 1976. atlantic superstore flyer preview

In 1986, in Moncton, New Brunswick for the first grocery store opened, using the name of Real Atlantic Superstore. In 1995, the name was shortened to the date and store design "market-style" renovated "and lower prices" slogan. SaveEasy most of the shop, with the exception of rural areas, eventually becoming the hypermarket format or SuperValu, but the recovery or transfer. costco weekly flyer usa

In 1990, the company headquarters was moved to Sackville from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. New facilities were built distributed logistics warehouse at the moment, as well as the expansion of large-scale campaign on a large expansion and the establishment of new stores brought in place for many years. In the early 2000s, a campaign to market infrastructure has been launched, "Eat Well, Spend Less" slogan of change. Loblaws stores in Ontario were similar to the group. When he arrived at the concept of Canadian Ontario Canadian Superstore, Atlantic Superstore using a similar marketing campaign slogan was "Prices you can trust." This concept has been used in the company in 2009, "all lower prices" was launched Atlantic supermarket flyers.

Some go without frills Atlantic Superstore demographic stores.


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